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A Vibrant Future for Cook Inlet

Stop the Climate Crisis in Our Backyard

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We are at a critical juncture here in Cook Inlet. Scientists warned us that we have minimal time to reduce greenhouse gas emissions before we hit a tipping point from which there may be no return. At Inletkeeper, we recognize that action at every level is critical. We are working with our neighbors to implement local solutions that reduce emissions while also demanding that this administration honor its climate action commitments to prioritize a livable climate over fossil fuel extraction and not hold another oil & gas lease sale in Lower Cook Inlet. We will not quietly allow them to propose another 5-year plan, deepening dependence on fossil fuels and fueling the climate crisis for decades to come.

Inletkeeper is able to do this work because of financial support from concerned members like you. We need your help to be active in these solutions at the local, state, and federal levels and to have the funds to amplify these messages.

Recurring gifts allow Inletkeeper to build thriving communities in the Cook Inlet watershed. #YouAreInletkeeper